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Gastric Band Plate®

We all know that weight loss involves us eating less. We always hear the advice of eating smaller portions. However what is a "smaller portion"? My small portion in comparison to yours could be completely different! The Gastric Band Plate® assists you in overcoming this.

The Gastric Band Plate® is a divided, raised edge, portion control plate, specifically designed to be used by people who are struggling to control their portion sizes.

The Gastric Band Plate® is very easy to use. Each divided section on the plate shows images of what type of food should fill that particular portion. You simply stick to the type of food thats in the images for each portion, and ensure that you dont go over the lines!

The most common question asked is "Do you need to have a gastric band to use the plate?" The answer is NO! The Gastric Band Plate is used worldwide, in conjunction with all standard diets, as an extra helping hand in controlling your portions and making you more aware of what you eat.