Restroom Access Card Crohns Disease OAB (2 PACK)

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Do you require urgent restroom access, when not at home? Don't get caught out again, thanks to our Restroom Access Card!

The Restroom Access Act 2005 requires any business to make their restroom available to you, if required for medical reasons. These reasons vary hugely, from incontinence to crohns disease, IBS, over-active bladder and kidney disease. You are NOT required to state your condition to any business when requesting access to their restroom. Simply produce this card and politely request access.

Product Details:

Quantity: 2 Cards
Purpose: Restroom Access Request Card
Suitable for: People who require urgent restroom access.
Material: Card
Card Quality: Deluxe 350gsm Matte card
Card Size: Wallet / Credit Card Size
Print Quality: High Definition Print
Dispatch Time: Same Day Dispatch


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